Audio hire Sydney

PA System Hire

Our PA System hire in Sydney is designed for crystal-clear sound and ease of use, our PA systems are the perfect solution for your corporate event, wedding, presentation, or anywhere you need your message to be heard.

conference packages

With high-quality equipment, our Conference Packages have been specially designed to deliver successful conferences, seminars, lectures, or any occasion you need to present to an audience.

Party packages

From powerful sound systems to stylish glow furniture, these Party Packages will bring the excitement and create a fun enjoyable atmosphere to your upcoming party event in Sydney. 

About our Speaker Hire

At Sound & Lighting Hire, we understand that high-quality audio is essential for any types of events such as business functions or corporate events. Which is why our Speaker Hire Sydney is designed to be flexible and suitable for your event. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, intimate home party, or a wedding. Our Speaker hire range can accommodate any event to make it a successful one. We also offer packages with a range of other equipment you require at your event.

Sound & Lighting Hire can provide you reliable sound systems for all size events, big or small. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about our Speaker hire range.

Our speaker hire range is all user-friendly and portable. You can hire together with our speaker stand hire for a more dynamic range or hire it as a stand-alone item. With AUX and microphone connections you don’t need to be an expert on how to operate our speaker hire. All you need to do is plug it in, connect a laptop or phone, play music! It is as easy as that!

We offer three types of speaker; powered speakers hire and battery powered speakers and bluetooth speaker. The powered speaker hire is our most hired speaker hire for clients and includes everything you need for basic amplification uses. These powered speaker hire are very easy to operate and amplify sound. You simply plug in a couple of cables! These powered speaker hire can be connected to a CD player, Ipod, mobiles, or a computer. If you are hosting an event indoors, our powered speaker hire is the way to go. However, if your event is outdoors, our battery powered speaker hire is a great portable speaker, making it perfect to make speeches or music in locations without power.