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Immerse your event in unforgettable audio experiences with our speaker rental services, serving Mascot, NSW, and its neighbouring communities. We specialise in hiring premium audio equipment to transform events into captivating spectacle. We recognise the important impact of high-quality audio in captivating, inspiring, and connecting with audiences, our company is dedicated to provide top-tier audio equipment tailored to the unique event requirements. 

Engage your guests in pristine sound that resonates with unrivalled clarity, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you’re planning a corporate affair, a fairy tale wedding, or a vibrant local festival, our compact yet powerful array of equipment ensures every note is heard. Experience the difference as we elevate your event to new heights with our excellent audio equipment. 

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Designed for effortless integration and user-friendly operation, our speaker range offers the ultimate audio solution for any events requiring amplified sound. Whether it’s a casual gathering, a professional presentation, or any other occasion, our speakers are engineered for seamless adaptability. 

Select from our diverse selection of speaker types: powered, battery-powered, and Bluetooth speakers, each crafted to meet specific event requirements. Regardless of your choice, our speakers we offer will exceed your expectation with great quality standards.

Choose our battery-powered speakers for outdoor events or venues with limited power access, a great speaker for portability and convenience. For house gatherings, consider our Bluetooth speakers – the ultimate speaker for its effortless connectivity. 

When it comes to handling even the most demanding audio needs, our powered speakers are the most ideal speaker. With its exceptional performance that rises above expectations.

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From high-quality microphone to amplifying speaker, PA Systems and more we have everything you need! 

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Our range of party lights include disco intelligent lights, strobe lights, laser lights, par can up lights, festoon lights, neon lights and UV Black lights for dance parties, birthdays, corporate events, weddings and more.

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Ranging from smoke machine, dry ice, sparklers and bubble machine. Our effect machine will help you create a one-of-a-kind vibe for your event. 

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We stock a range of audio visual and glow furniture equipment for events in Sydney! We understand that it is important to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. This is why we created packages suitable for different sized events you may be planning. 

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When it comes to creating captivating and impactful events or presentations, our Audio Visual services at Sound and Lighting is the perfect solution. 

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Versatile staging is available at Sound & Lighting, the ideal choice for various applications, including risers, live band performances, dance shows, corporate presentations, and much more. At Sound & Lighting we can customise staging to fit your unique requirements.

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Glow Furniture is a fun way to light up your event and create a unique ambiance, impressing your guests. We have a very large and cool range of furniture hire that will look even more amazing with our sound and lighting equipment. 

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Speaker Placement Tips at Events

Correct speaker placement is vital for premium sound quality and audience satisfaction. Consider these tips:

1. Venue Assessment: Visit the venue beforehand to understand its layout and acoustics. This ensures if the location is the ideal venue for your unique event.

2. Speaker Placement: Avoid placing speakers near walls, windows, or reflective surfaces to prevent echoes and vibrations. Maintain sound clarity by ensuring the speakers are not too far from the stage or audience. 

3. Test and Adjust: Do a thorough test or rehearsal at the venue to address any issues and optimise performance. 

For events such as live music festivals, concerts, or any events with loud music, be mindful of noise impacts on attendees. NSW Health offers a fact sheet on reducing event noise’s health effects. 

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