Sound Equipment Hire

For any type of events and functions, high-quality audio is essential to make a memorable experience for you and your guests. Whether you’re planning for a wedding, corporate function, conferences, seminars, live performances, our audio hire in Sydney has got you covered! We understand the demand of a perfect audio and sound system, so we offer various types of audio hire and PA systems for hire packages to suit all different event sizes.

We can provide the appropriate equipment to make sure your event is a success. Planning for a business seminar? Look no further than our wide range of audio hire equipment to provide professional-grade audio systems to create a successful event. 

From high-quality microphone hire to amplifying speaker hire, we have everything you need! 

At Sound and Lighting Hire, we are aware that every event is unique with different event requirements. This is why we offer and provide a wide variety of audio hire and speaker hire packages to meet your needs. Whether you need a single speaker for a short presentation or a complete sound system for a big outdoor function, our audio hire and speaker hire products are the perfect solution!

Our audio hire Sydney is available for those looking to use it for speeches, announcements, performances or need to add some music to your event. Our audio and speaker hire products are all professional-grade equipment and industry standard items. We offer speaker hire, microphone hire, audio mixer hire, speaker stand and microphone stand hire.

Speaker Hire: We offer two types of speaker; powered speakers hire and battery powered speaker hire. The powered speaker hire is our most hired speaker hire for clients and includes everything you need for basic amplification uses. These powered speaker hire are very easy to operate and amplify sound. You simply plug in a couple of cables! These powered speaker hire can be connected to a CD player, Ipod, mobiles, or a computer. If you are hosting an event indoors, our powered speaker hire is the way to go. However, if your event is outdoors, our battery powered speaker hire is a great portable speaker, making it perfect to make speeches or music in locations without power. 

PA System hire: For those functions where you are announcing a message or presenting a seminar, our PA system hire is the perfect solution. We have great deal packages where you can choose from a corded microphone PA set up, or a wireless system for extra flexibility. Our PA system hire is suitable for small functions right up to large events. If you have a larger audience and bigger open event venues, you can add additional speaker hire to cater to those guests. 

Check out our packages and bundles that combine our sound equipment with our lighting, effects machines, staging and glow furniture to create the perfect conference presentation or the ultimate party atmosphere