About our Smoke Machines

Hire our smoke machine for your Sydney event today! It is the ultimate party accessory to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, halloween party, wedding reception, or corporate event. With the addition of our smoke machine, you can enhance the visual experience of lights and take your event to the next level. 

You don’t need to be a professional to set this up. It is incredibly easy to set up, with simple controls that allow you to operate the smoke bursts. With this effect machine, you would need to manually trigger the thick bursts of smoke which then creates a dramatic effect and fill the room. 

Our smoke machine hire is the ultimate party accessory that will enhance your lighting effects to the next level! This smoke effect machine is perfect for any events such as birthday parties, halloween parties, corporate events and weddings.

These machines are very easy to operate and with the simple controls where it allows you to air out smoke bursts. Due to it being lightweight and compact, this smoke machine hire is easy to transport and set up at any location. The smoke machine is great with laser lighting as it highlights the beams of light.