At Sound and Lighting Hire, we recognise that every event is unique and crafting the perfect atmosphere for a special occasion is significant. That is why we provide an extensive inventory of top-quality sound, lighting and visual solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you need audio systems, lighting effects or stunning visual displays, our professional-grade equipment is the perfect answer to your audio-visual needs!

We have you covered with our sound equipment, lighting hire, effects machines, projectors & displays, staging and more. Our list of audio-visual equipment hires in Sydney offers a solution to any event. Explore our full range of products!

At Sound and Lighting Hire, we offer a one-stop solution to any audio-visual equipment needs you require for your upcoming event. From corporate functions to weddings, our impressive audio and visual services will ensure your event is a successful one. 

Sound Equipment: Our audio hire Sydney is the perfect solution for speeches, announcements, performances or to play some music at you event. Our audio equipment includes speaker hire, microphone hire, audio mixers, speaker stands, and microphone stand. We offer bundles designed for each unique event including essential PA systems for small functions and larger systems for corporate events and weddings.

Lighting Equipment: Our lighting hire Sydney is the solution you need to transform any dull space into a colourful, vibrant and fun environment. We offer a large range of different type of lighting fixtures that will add ambiance and atmosphere to your upcoming event. Our lighting equipment range includes Par Can lights, LED strobe lights, UV Black lights, Intelligent lights, Laser lights, Neon light signs and more! Our most popular lighting equipment are our Par Cans and Intelligent Lights. These lights are the go-to party lights in creating a fun and entertaining vibe at an event. We also offer bundle packages to suit every unique event, check out our lighting packages

Effects Machine: Our special effect machine range is the way to go if you want to elevate the atmosphere of your event. Our cool range off special effects includes smoke machines, dry ice machines, sparklers and bubble machine. These special effects are a great choice for enhancing the lighting effects at your event. Bring your party to life by creating a unique atmosphere with our effects machines today! 

Projectors & Audio Visual Displays: We offer a great range of audio visual equipment for hire in Sydney. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, conference, business meetings, presentations or more, our AV services is the solution you need. From projector hires, projector screens, lecterns to TV hires, we have all the equipments you need to create a successful event! All our audio visual equipments are very easy to operate and set up, however if you do require setup, our experienced team will gladly set up at an additional cost. 

Stage and Drape: Staging and drapes are available to hire in Sydney. We offer stage hire for various applications, including risers, performances, dance shows, fashion shows, corporate presentations, conferences and more! We can customise staging to fit your requirements and ensure set up is conducted efficiently and perfectly. If you plan on hiring a stage, why not consider our black velvet drapes that offers a clean and professional appearance. A drape backdrop is an essential accessory for your upcoming professional event. 

Glow Furniture: Our glow furniture are unique glow-in-the-dark fixtures that will light up your event to the next level. We offer a large range of light-up furnitures that is suitable for events such as birthdays, festivals, school dances, nightclub events, and more. They are available with sixteen different colours where you can create a customised look to glow up your event. There are three different effect modes, a static mode, fade mode, and a flashing mode – all controlled with a remote control included with your items. 

At Sound and Lighting Hire, we value our customers and understand each events are planned with budgets. That is why we created bundles and packages suitable for different sized events. You can explore our sound and party packages that are available for hire.