White Drape Backdrop Hire – 3m x 3m


White Drape Backdrop Hire in Sydney to hire for any type of events! It’s the perfect as backdrops, head tables, ceiling draping, entry tables and more.

  • White silk curtain material
  • Adjustable length from 1.8m – 3m
  • Adjustable height from 1.8m – 3m
  • Weight bases are 45cm
  • Black pipe and drape stage backdrop


Our White Drape Backdrop hire is a stylish yet practical solution to conceal any walls to create a clean and elegant look at any events. Drape backdrops are used as background for weddings, photo booths, head tables and more as it offers a well-kept and cohesive look while presenters are talking on stage. If you are planning a photo shoot or planning a wedding. This drape backdrop hire provides the ideal canvas to frame your space.

Supported by lightweight pipe and drape systems, these backdrops are versatile and stylish. Featuring modular and extendable design, you can now tailor your setup to your event requirements. Our drape backdrop can be extended with a minimum width of 1.8m – maximum width of 3m. Also has a minimum height of 1.8m – maximum of 3m.

We also offer a 3m x 6m Drape Backdrop. 

What’s Included

Modular Design with Elegance

At Sound and Lighting Hire, we stock high-quality draping equipment to provide you the most exceptional staging equipment for your event. We offer a luxurious white velvet drape for all types of events requiring a clean and elegant backdrop. Crafted from soft silky fabric, this backdrop adds a refine touch to any event. Its plush and ethereal colour provides a backdrop that exudes beauty, perfect for weddings, ceiling draping, performances and more! Our drapes have a modular and expandable design, so you can tailor your setup for your event’s specific needs. Elevate the appeal of your event with our adaptable White Drape Backdrop Hire.

Material: Premium White Silk drap

Colour: white

Includes: D-rings and 10cm pockets

Fire-resistant material: Yes