UV Black Light Hire


UV Black Light Hire is a creative way to add some fun to an event. With this lighting, you can make all things white glow & turn a dull event into an exciting one.

  • Dimensions: W 91cm x D 5cm x H 5cm
  • Requires power
  • Perfect for halloween parties, glow-in-the-dark themes, white parties and more
  • Can mount on stand or on flat surface
  • Creates a glow effect and works well with anything white or light coloured


Elevate any event or party with the addition of our special UV Black Light Hire. This glow effect lighting is designed to illuminate white or light-coloured elements due to its ultraviolet illumination. Resulting in a surreal and immersive atmosphere that transforms your Sydney event. 

Due to its ultraviolet illumination, this UV black light hire is a creative lighting solution that enhances a captivating glow effect. Our special effect lights are compact and are easy to set up. You can mount this on a stand or be placed on a flat surface, plug into power then a surreal atmosphere illuminates the space. Due to its lightweight design, it is very convenient to transport. 

This UV light hire is versatile that makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of events. Such as halloween parties, nightclubs, 80s themes, glow-in-the-dark parties and more. Whether you are aiming to create an immersive experience or incorporate your event with excitement. Our UV black light rental is the ideal solution.

This UV Black light is commonly hired together with our speakers.

What’s Included

Glow It Up – UV Black Light

Entertain your guests with a glow-in-the-dark event with our UV Black Light hire in Sydney. At Sound and Lighting Hire, we offer a fun UV black light that emits an ultraviolet beams that is invisible to the human eye. This glowing light fixture can make anything white, light coloured or anything painted with UV paint. Our UV black light is powered by 18x 3W LEDS capable in covering wide are spaces. Due to the unit being powered by LEDs, this makes it lightweight which is convenient for transport. 

Consumption: 60W

Wavelength: 395 ~ 400nm

No. of LEDs: 18x 3W UV

Power supply: 110-250VAC / 50-60Hz

Weight: 1.05kg

LED power:  3W

LED colours: Ultra violet