Strobe Light Hire


Strobe Light Hire offers a great lighting solution to any event. Providing a series of flashing light perfect for parties, clubs, dance parties and more.

  • Dimensions: W 33cm x D 19cm x H 14cm
  • Commonly hired with smoke machines and laser lights
  • Option to hire a lighting stand to support light for additional $20
  • Delivers flashing bright white light


This dynamic strobing light hire is a classic and powerful lighting option. Perfect for dance parties, clubs, or events where you may want to give the illusions of flashing lights. The strobe light hire is a compact and easy set up, you simply plug it in and you are good to go! It is a versatile lighting hire that can be adjusted to your preference. This light allows you to adjust the speed of the flashing lights to your desired atmosphere. 

We offer a sturdy lighting stand hire where you can support and uplift the strobe light. 


What’s Included