Projector Screen Hire


Hiring a Projector Screen Hire is essential when using a projector. A large screen that displays your media content visible enough for all audience.

  • Dimensions: 200cm W x 150cm H
  • Wide Angle Viewing
  • Adjustable height
  • Includes stand
  • Suitable for an audience up to 80 people
  • Compatible with other projectors


Looking for a Projector screen hire for your upcoming Sydney event? Our professional Projector Screen hire will give you the best possible results so you leave your guests with lasting impressions. If you’re planning a business meeting, seminar, presentations, weddings and more, Projector Screen Hire is the perfect solution. These professional screens are very easy to set up and are compatible with most projectors. Due to its portable design, it can be easily transported and set up in any venue.

If you require a projector too, check out our Projector and screen package.


What’s Included

Reliable and Durable Display Screen

At Sound and Lighting Hire, we offer great visual display equipment to ensure you receive the best of the best to create a successful event. For those business meetings, lectures, school events and more, we offer our sturdy projector screen to display your multimedia. Ideal for indoor and outdoor presentations, our projector screen offers its reliable and durability withstanding the demands of any event settings. With the inclusion of a tripod, this portable screen projector has a rugged body to fully support your event needs. Featuring a convenient locking and hanging mechanism making it easy to adjust the height of the projector screen. Sporting a heavy duty roller and spring, your hired projector screen will prove its easy and stable features.