PA System Package 4


This PA System Package 4 is a great solution if you are making a speech, announcement, lecture or a seminar. The use of the lapel microphone allows for hands-free usage, effectively delivering your message to the audience. The addition of speakers on stands amplifies the audio with crystal-clear sound.

  • Speaker Dimensions: W 35cm x D 32cm x H 50cm 
  • Power is required 
  • Speaker stands are adjustable
  • Lapel mic offers 10 hours of battery life


This PA System Package 4 makes a practical solution for events involving speeches and announcements. The lapel microphone has a small clip so you can attach it onto your clothing. Connected to the body pack, your messages are then directed into the receiver which then outputs from the speakers. Ensuring your messages are heard wide and clear. The addition of 2x high-quality speakers creates enough volume and power for a large audience. 

Our package hire is designed for easy set up and use, even if you have little to no experience with sound systems. 

What’s Included

The Ultimate Conference PA System Bundle

At Sound and Lighting Hire, we created a PA system package that is the ultimate conference PA system for your speaking event. Ready to hire in Sydney, this package includes professional-grade speakers from leading brands such as RCF and QSC speakers. With the purpose of creating high-quality sound systems for all types of events, we assure our customers the best of the best sound systems. As we offer two different speaker brands, whether you receive a RCF or QSC speaker, either quality speaker will provide the ultimate sound performance, creating a successful event. 

Convenience & Professional Microphone

We offer exceptional audio equipment to provide you the best quality sound systems for your event. We stock a Shure Lapel Microphone – a professional microphone for presentations, conferences, lectures and more. It is engineered to deliver top-quality performance and sound clarity for any uses. A wireless lapel microphone is the perfect solution for any speaking situations when rejection of sound from stage noise, an audience is called for. The Wireless lapel microphone hire offers great convenience and performance in an easy-to-use clip-on cardioid condenser microphone. Its compact body is ideal for presenting situations where visibility is a major concern and also it appears professional. It is designed for clear, clean and directional capture that is great for educational, conferences, broadcasting, speeches, lectures purposes. Grab your hands on our Lapel microphone hire in Sydney!

Reliable & Durable Speaker Stands

The speaker stands we provide are from two professional brands features a durable steel and aluminium design – providing high-quality and reliable support. Our stands can safely support up to 15 inch speakers and a total weight of 30kg. Both speaker stands have a quick lock safety pin ensuring maximum strength and security during the whole event. The addition of two popular professional speaker stands allows for greater sound projection. Strong and reliable speaker stands play a significant role in providing optimal conditions for your hired speakers to perform their best. That is why we created this package.  

Lapel Microphone:

Product Type: Wireless Lavalier (lapel) Microphone
Transmission Frequency: 558 – 570MHz
Bandwidth (MHz): 12
Capusle Type: Cadioid
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 15kHz
Power Requirments: 2x ‘AA’ Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life: >10 hours (battery dependent)

View the specifications of our Speaker and Speaker Stands.