Multi-coloured Laser Light Hire


Multi-coloured laser light hire shoots out an array of red, green, & yellow laser beams that dances to the beat of the music for a fun & entertaining event

  • Dimensions: W 16cm x D 9cm x H 8cm
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Shoots red, green and yellow laser beams 
  • Moves to music beats
  • Creates patterns and tunnel effects
  • Combine with Smoke machine hire for a better effect


 Elevate your upcoming Sydney event with our Multi-coloured Laser Light hire. Our multi-coloured beaming light is an ideal addition to enhance your special occasion! This cutting-edge laser light is crafted to deliver an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

What makes our multi-coloured laser light hire popular is its compact design and user-friendly operation. All you need to do is simply plug in the device, and let the show unfold before your eyes! This enchanting laser light will enhance your home parties, bars, dance parties, and event spaces. Whether you’re looking to amp up the ambiance at home gatherings, bars, dance parties. Our laser’s robust beam can cover a generous area, making it perfect for illuminating dance floors, stages, and event venues. 

Our Multi-coloured laser hire shoots out an array of red, green and yellow laser beams that synchronises with the music’s rhythm, crafting intricate patterns and tunnel effects. For the ultimate visual impact, consider combining the multi-coloured laser with our smoke machine to accentuate the laser beams and create a more captivating effect.


What’s Included

Compact & Powerful Laser Light

Experience a fun and thrilling event with the small yet powerful multi-coloured laser light hire in Sydney. This compact laser light shoots out 300mW red, green and yellow laser beam with built-in patterns that will look amazing at any party or event. Its robust housing and small body allows for easy to navigate 4- button control panel. Our laser light is easy to use with built-in auto and sound modes, including adjustable mic sensitivity. Create a laser show event with our impactful laser light that is great at clubs, house parties, bars, and more!

Laser Colour: Red, Green & Yellow 

Laser Power: 300mW

Operation Modes: Sound, Auto, DMX, Master / Slave

DMX Channels: 9

Power Supply: 12V DC, 1A

Dimensions: 150 x 220 x 180mm

Weight: 1.5kg