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Our PA Systems are designed for crystal-clear sound and ease of use, our PA systems are the perfect solution for your corporate event, wedding, presentation, or anywhere you need your message to be heard.

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With high-quality equipment, our Conference Packages have been specially designed to deliver successful conferences, seminars, lectures, or any occasion you need to present to an audience.

About our Microphone Hire

Our Microphone hire is the perfect addition to any event where high-quality sound is essential. We offer a range of corded and wireless microphone options for reliable performance and high-quality sound. Various microphone options serve distinct functions, and understanding these differences is crucial to ensuring your speakers and presenters have a seamless yet impactful experience. 

Our Corded microphone hire Sydney is an excellent choice for events where presenters or speakers remain stationed at a designated sport or area. Such as conferences, seminars or hotel events. These standard microphones can be hired in conjunction with our microphone stands providing a fixed point of focus for the audience. Having a hand-free option during presentations, allows the speaker to expressively engage and offer a dynamic delivery. 

Our Wireless microphone hire Sydney is an alternative option if you prefer more flexibility with movements. These microphones are battery-powered and come with a separate receiver. Hiring a wireless microphone allows your presenter to move around freely without being situated to a specific spot. Our cordless microphones make it ideal for interactive sessions, Q&A discussions, and panel talk.

Our lapel microphone are another great hand free option to use for presentations. With a lapel microphones the ability to attach the microphone onto your clothing allows for ease of movement whilst speaking. Great to efficiently and effectively deliver your message to the audience.