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Hey there! Welcome to our awesome party lighting rental services, covering Parramatta, NSW, and nearby areas! We’re all about making events super memorable and fun. At Sound and Lighting Hire, we know how cool lighting can totally change the vibe and bring people together, so we’re totally focused on giving you just the right lights for your special event. Whether it’s a big company gathering, a wedding bash, or even just a birthday party, we’ve got all kinds of party lights to fit any size of event, from small backyard shindigs to fancy conferences.

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We offer a diverse range of party lighting options to enhance the ambience and atmosphere of your event. From Up Lights and LED Strobe Lights to UV Black Lights and Intelligent Lights, each option serves to elevate the mood and theme of your space effortlessly. Our Laser Lights project mesmerising patterns, while Neon Light Signs add a stylish touch. Disco Balls evoke a classic disco vibe, and Festoon Lights create a warm, inviting atmosphere indoors or outdoors. Explore our packages combining lighting equipment with sound systems, effects machines, and staging for the perfect event setup. Whether it’s a themed party or a conference presentation, we have everything you need to make it memorable.

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From high-quality microphone to amplifying speaker, PA Systems and more we have everything you need! 

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Ranging from smoke machine, dry ice, sparklers and bubble machine. Our effect machine will help you create a one-of-a-kind vibe for your event. 

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We stock a range of audio visual and glow furniture equipment for events in Sydney! We understand that it is important to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. This is why we created packages suitable for different sized events you may be planning. 

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When it comes to creating captivating and impactful events or presentations, our Audio Visual services is the perfect solution. 

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Versatile staging is available at Sound & Lighting, the ideal choice for various applications, including risers, live band performances, dance shows, corporate presentations, and much more. At Sound & Lighting we can customise staging to fit your unique requirements.

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Glow Furniture is a fun way to light up your event and create a unique ambiance, impressing your guests. We have a very large and cool range of furniture that will look even more amazing with our sound and lighting equipment. 

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Ensuring Safety Through Compliance and Best Practices

When planning an event with lights ensure you are implementing safety practices and conforming to regulations. Here’s how you ensure the safety and setting of lighting:

1. Assessing your venue – You should be assessing the venue including size, shape, layout, ceiling height, power outlets, and natural light. Check venue regulations regulations regarding lighting, noise limits, fire safety and environmental impact. As well as conducting safety hazard checks and site inspection.

2. Installing your Lighting –  Once lighting equipment has been chosen, you must install it in the venue according to the instructions and guidelines. As well as conforming to official regulations according to Live Performance Australia and NSW Health guidelines. Following these guidelines and protocols will ensure a safe and smooth event. 

3. Managing your Lighting System – It is important to manage your lighting equipment. A qualified and experienced operator should be assigned. Additionally, the checking of equipment and accessories should be regularly implemented for any damages or faulty parts. 


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