Lectern Hire

Conference Packages

With high-quality equipment, our Conference Packages have been specially designed to deliver successful conferences, seminars, lectures, or any occasion you need to present to an audience.

About our Lecterns

Our Lectern hire range is a great addition to any event where you require a platform to support your speakers or presenters notes, speeches, books and more. It features a timeless and elegant design polished in black. It has a clean and professional look perfect for lectures, seminars, conferences and more. You can hire our lectern hire as a stand-alone or in our packages that we have curated for different type of events. 

Our Lectern Hire is a professional lectern that features a black sleek design. The perfect choice to complement any event decor or theme. If you are hosting a speaker to deliver a speech, presentation or a lecture. Our lectern hire is the ideal solution. The slanted platform helps your speakers or presenters rest their speech cards, notes, book or any material they need to deliver their message.