Intelligent light hire

About our Lighting Hire

Our plug and go intelligent light is the most popular party light that shoots out an array of colours, shapes and patterns. Our intelligent lights can be set to ‘auto’ or ‘sound’ moving to the beat of your music and projecting multi-coloured beams around the room and dance floor. Our intelligent party lights work best when hired with our smoke machine to highlight the beams. 

Our lighting hire is a great way to transform your event space into something special. Our Intelligent lights are the most popular lights we hire out. They are a great versatile light, perfect for your fun event in Sydney.

The Intelligent effect light is the most commonly hired light. It is a versatile light which shoots out an array of coloured beams and forms patterns and shapes. It is a great light for any function where you want to create that party atmosphere. You can use these moving lights as a spot light, for the Hollywood effect, for dances or wall patterns. 

Intelligent Lights are also known as automated lighting, moving lights, or movers. The head of our lights are stationed and do not move. The program in our lights, enable the array of beams to move to the beat of the music, creating moving lights.