Drape Hire

About our Drape Hire

Our Drape Backdrop Hire is a great background accessory you need for your upcoming corporate event, media event, photoshoot, presentation and more! Backdrops are often used to conceal any walls and offer a more clean and professional look for an event. Our drapes have a modular and expandable design, so you can tailor your setup for your event’s specific needs. You can elevate the appeal of your event with our adaptable black drape backdrop hire. Offering a polished and professional appearance, it’s a flexible solution that suits various event setups.

Our Drape Hire is a versatile and stylish drape backdrop hire supported by lightweight pipe and drape systems. The drapes are a velvet material and are also fire resistant material. We offer two adjustable sizings in 3mx3m or 3mx6m. Ensuring safety to your guests. They are very easy to use and set up, they require at least 2-3 people to set the drapes. Whether it’s a corporate function or presentation, our drape backdrop offers a seamless solution to elevate your event’s ambience with a professional feel and is usually hired together with our stages.

Feel free to get in touch with us to request this backdrop, and enhance the visual appeal of your corporate gathering, creating a lasting and impactful impression.