6 Different Ways to Hang Festoon Lights

Have your guests walk under a warm welcoming with our Festoon lights – the perfect lighting effect to infuse your outdoor space with a touch of magic. Whether it’s an intimate wedding, a birthday bash, or a festive carnival, our Festoon lights promises to transform your ordinary event into an extraordinary one. 

Setting up and hanging festoon lights can be a challenging job, however, at Sound and Lighting Hire, we’ve put together size stunning styles to help you transform your space into a mesmerising event. 


festoon lights set up at a venue

1. Zig-Zag Pattern

One common festoon light pattern that has been tried and tested is the zig-zag pattern – your warm lights crisscrossing along walls or supportive structures, weaving a mesmerising tapestry of light that will captivate. 

The zig-zag pattern effortlessly covers a large area, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your event is bathed in a warm, inviting glow. This pattern works very well on a patio, marquee, fence line, or a dining area. 

Styling your lights with the zig-zag pattern isn’t just practical, it is also very playful. Its dynamic flair infuses a sense of whimsy into your ambiance, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. 

zig zag festoon light pattern

2. Perimeter Pattern

Imagine walking through a twinkling wonderland, welcoming you with its warm embrace. That’s the magic of hanging lights around the perimeter of your space. Whether it’s your porch, patio, garden, or even a festive fete stall, this method transforms your surroundings into something enchanting. 

By outlining and defining your event space with our festoon light hire, you’re not just lighting up the night, you’re sculpting it. Each light strand guides guests with its gentle and warm glow – offering a sense of boundaries that elevates the ambiance to new heights. 

The best part about this method is that setting up is a breeze. With just four sturdy fixtures, you can suspend your lights and watch as the magic lightens up through.

perimeter pattern festoon light

3. Linear Pattern

Illuminate your event with the timeless elegance of our linear festoon light hire – s simple yet captivating choice to warm up any space. Using the linear pattern offers a sense of order and refinement. You can hang them in a straight line, whether it’s along a fence, above a deck, or even inside your home. 

Whether you’re hosting an al fresco dinner under the stars or creating a cosy indoor gathering, this classic look of our versatile lights sets the stage for unforgettable memories. 

Linear pattern festoon light

4. Cross Pattern

The Cross pattern is a seamless blend of simplicity and sophistication that brings your festoon lights to life. To achieve this look, you simply run the lights in a cross, making an X shape. With just four strategic points of structure, you create a cross pattern that illuminates and captivates your special guests. 

From elegant wedding marquees to dynamic outdoor dance floors, this pattern effortlessly covers a large amount of area – creating a uniformed inviting look. 

cross pattern festoon light

5. Sun Ray Pattern

The Sun Ray pattern is a radiant design that will transform your ordinary outdoor space into something enchanting. To bring this effect to life, you anchor your festoon lights at a central location and the second point would need to be a long wide fixture. Whether it’s your patio roof, house roof, or any expansive fixture, the key is to create a wide, sweeping expanse of light. 

With just two strategic points of setup—a central anchor and a wide fixture—the Sun Ray pattern transforms any outdoor space into a haven of warmth and tranquility. 

sunray pattern festoon light

6. Geometric Pattern

This geometric pattern shape is quite complex and requires multiple fixture points. However, this shape will truly make a bold statement and create a wonderful luminous display. 

To achieve this effect, you would require meticulous planning to map out each fixture points, ensuring ample length to cover the your space. You can hand the lights to form triangles squares, or any other shape that suits your design vision. This snake-like shape is a common shape that will cover a wide area. With geometric shapes, your festoon lights will create an illumination, becoming a mesmerising centrepiece that elevates any space. 

geometric pattern festoon light